Thursday, September 08, 2005

Which One Is News, Which One Isn't?'s "breaking news" as of 2pm Thursday was:

Fourteen bodies found Thursday inside the flooded Memorial Hospital in New Orleans.'s "breaking news" was:

President Bush Declares September 16th National Prayer Day.

Besides the offensive-to-many nature of a president declaring a "prayer day", which one do you think is news, and which one is just so much fluff?

BTW, the story also on Fox says Bush has made next Friday "National Prayer And Rememberance Day" for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I have NO problem with the rememberance part of the equation, as a matter of fact I commend Mr. Bush on the thought and the idea. But the prayer part bugs me. Not because I'm anti-prayer, I'm just so strongly FOR the separation of church and ANY form.

And come to think of it, since we knew Katrina was coming ashore last Monday, the 29th of August, for those who believe in that power of prayer thing, I ask you this: Wouldn't it have made more sense to call for a "national prayer day" on August 28th?

Just a thought.

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