Sunday, September 25, 2005

What Is So Hard To Understand Here?

You go to a Chevy dealer to buy a car, not plywood.

You go to Home Depot to buy plywood, not a Chevy.

You go to Berean Bookstore to buy a bible, not a Penthouse.

You go to Swinger's World to buy a Penthouse, not a bible.

You go to Aggatucci's to buy pizza, not get your hair cut.

You go to Cost Cutters for a haircut, not to buy a pizza.

And you go to Walgreen's Pharmacy to get your prescription filled. Not to be judged.

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pollypeoria said...

What drugs are you taking, BJ? Something good and strong if you think the issue is that simple.

Walgreens knew some of its pharmacists had objections to emergency contraceptives and would not fill the drugs when they hired them. Walgreens has a company policy allowing pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions on moral grounds.

I think you dislike their point of view, but don't really disagree with the policy.

If I was a waitress and knew you were terribly allergic to eggs and refused to serve them to you, even though you legally have the right to purchase and consume them, do you really think Denny's should fire me?

After all, you go to Denny's to eat... not to be judged.