Monday, September 05, 2005

Bush nominates Roberts for Chief Justice is reporting that (p)resident Bush has nominated John Roberts, not currently confirmed to the Supreme Court, to go ahead and bypass the existing arbiters and go right to the head of the class...Chief Justice.


Let's put it in perspective.

That would be like hiring the girl working in the puppy area at SuperPets to be your family veterinarian. She knows a lot about animals, but has probably never operated on one.

It would be like hiring me to be the chief engineer at a radio station. I've been on the air for over 20 years, but I've never stuck my hand inside a transmitter.

It would be like hiring the Peoria Chiefs' 14 year old bat boy and making him the GM of the Cubs. (Okay, bad example, that might actually be an improvement, or at worst a lateral move.)

But you get the picture. Roberts may turn out to be a fine justice, but do you take a guy who's never been a judge and make him the Supreme Court Chief Justice? Of course, what do you expect from the administration that made an AWOL Texas Air National Guard pilot out to be more of war hero than a guy who actually got shot at in 'nam.

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Scott Cornelius said...

I believe he is similar tot he man he will replace, in age and background.