Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Letter Writer Is Spending Too Much Time With Rush

Jim Bright's letter today in the PJStar echoes what Limbaugh and the Talking Point gang have been saying: Ray Nagin did nothing.

Sorry, people, it's already widely known that Nagin ordered a mandatory evac of N.O. before Katrina hit. Here we go with the old, "say it enough and people will believe it to be the truth" garbage.

The sole purpose of Bright's letter was to exonerate the Bushies. Stop it. Please. Blame goes all around...from local to state to federal, they all screwed up. Now let's fix it, and quit trying to take the blame off of King George.

Likewise, Jack Giberson's letter today makes misstatements, all in the name of covering for King George.

Here's a sample:

The mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana should have requested state and federal resources be ready for prompt response after the hurricane. I have not seen any reports that these officials involved themselves with such preparations.

Well, Jack, if you're watching FoxNews, you won't see those reports. If you had read this blog, for instance, which is a mere four days old, you'd have seen where New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Louisiana Governor Blanco had requested to Washington on Sunday, one day before the storm, that N.M.'s National Guard be sent to Louisiana. They didn't get their answer from Washington until Friday.

Again, many are to blame, including the administration. But some of the claims made just in this morning's Peoria newspaper are off base. I would imagine it's the same almost everywhere, as rabid Bush fans rush to his defense.

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