Sunday, December 25, 2005

PETA's worst nightmare

Yep, we're at it again. My son and I adopted another cat from a no-kill animal shelter this weekend (The Ark in Lacon), and we gave it to Diane as one of her christmas presents.

We have five animals divided among to places - the house and Diane's East Peoria office that is really a converted little cottage home - and they were all adopted from shelters. In the past couple of years, I have a) called Wildlife Prairie Park and alerted them to an injured, but very alive, red-tailed hawk I had spotted in the ditch along I-74 (I waited there near the bird, trying to calm it, until someone with more knowledge than I arrived and rescued the injured raptor; b) taken donations of food, blankets, and cash to TAPS in Pekin, and c) given my time to volunteer for various animal-rescue related events at TAPS and other shelters in the area.

So today, when we head to Diane's folks for christmas dinner, I'll throw on my leather CAT racing coat and leather sneakers, while Diane has to decide between the full-length mink or the waist-link possum, with the leather knee-high boots. We will then go there and consume ham and turkey, and tomorrow I'll head over Echo Valley and pick up some post-christmas New York strips with the gift card I got from my new employer.

And if anyone from PETA tries to call me anti-animal, I will put down my beef jerky strip long enough to tell them to kiss my meat-lovin' rear.

I'm not bragging or pretending to be above anyone else, I'm just trying to show how we love animals and yet don't consider it hypocrisy to eat meat or wear products that have come in part from animals. If it IS hypocrisy (and I can admit to seeing where some people might think so), that's one that I can live with. We all have hypocrisies in our lives, some are much worse than others, IMO. This one? Not so much.

Spying scandal

Don't get me started. But suffice to say Mr. Dennis has provided all the information necessary to show me that only the extreme, lunatic right still supports this awful administration.

Many wise, sane, thoughtful, reasonable, rational GOP'ers (which actually encompasses a majority of that party, BTW) are pretty disgusted and embarrassed by what's going on over at the presidential branch.

So a shout out to people who try to pass themselves off as "moderate", yet can't see anything wrong with our current leadership: You're not.

That being said...

...I will add some stuff here quickly.

Rob: You shoulda bet me. Who would've thought that the team with the worst offense I've ever seen from a so-called "professional" football team would be on the verge of clinching a playoff berth? I still refuse to congratulate Bear fans, because a) your team will get beaten handily long before the Super Bowl; b) many of you still can't see the forest for the trees, the truth being your team is quite possibly the worst 10-game winning team in NFL history that has benefitted from a weak division, a weak schedule, and the usual ungodly "luck" that comes with being a major market NFL team; and c) you would never congratulate the fans of another team.

Nothing would please me more - from a football standpoint - than Favre and the Pack upsetting Team Overrated today. :)


I haven't been adding to this blog for over a month. Today is Christmas. It's technically the first day I haven't worked since my last post. It's been an extremely busy two months. So I apologize to the few who check it out, I apologize to the Blogfather, Mr. Dennis, for having to put me on the "Dead Blog" list (my blog sleeps wit da fishes?), I apologize to the family for not taking enough time off, and I apologize to my body, which is in worse ruins than it already was.

So I hope to start blogging again...and to get off that dead blog list.