Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Didn't Think It Was THIS Bad

I forgot to do a "...since the Cubs last won..." update last week.

I'm taking a different approach this week:

Did you know Leo Tolstoy (b. 1828) and Mark Twain (b. 1835) were both still alive when the Cubs last won a World Series. That is simply unbelievable. Both writers passed away in 1910.

Wimps in Michigan

I was reading the Peoria paper online today and discovered that despite both teams being there, the Rivermen game in Grand Rapids, Michigan was postponed due to weather Saturday night. They mentioned "blizzard conditions" and I checked, the temp was about zero with "negative windchills."

Um, dudes, you freakin' live in Michigan. Wimps.

Meanwhile, across Lake Superior in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and other cities across the Iron Range, temps dropped to -20 to -30 Saturday night, with windchills of -60 and even lower, yet the state's entire high school hockey schedule went off without a hitch.

I heard people complaining here in Illinois about the weather this past week. Yawn. You want cold? Spend a weekend in Warroad, or International Falls, or Bemidji, or Ely, or Biwabik, in January or February and you'll get cold.

Two Minnesota Guys Shine at The Super Bowl

Thank you, Tony Dungy (Minnesota '77)! Thanks to Tony, I can actually have a normal next couple of weeks instead of listening to non-stop talk about how wonderful the Bears are.

Note to Bears fans: Your team got throttled. Your team got the chance to be throttled by playing in the lamest NFC ever assembled. The '85 Bears would eat these current guys' lunch. And the '06 Colts just did. So thank you Tony Dungy.

Now, when the talk turned to "who is the MVP"? I couldn't think of one that actually wore a Colt or Bear uniform, the first thought that came to mind was the halftime entertainment.

Yep. Prince (native Minnesotan) was the true MVP of this game...the only individual of the bunch I'd pay to see. Mr. Nelson might indeed be one of the top two or three musical artists of all time, Beethoven and Bach included. And certainly his halftime show was much more entertaining than that game. By far.