Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How Do You Defend...Or Not Defend...

From an AP article at CNN.com regarding survival in New Orleans. (Full story)

Stolen boats were used to rescue people from their homes. Stolen cars moved them across the city to dry land. Stolen food, water and clothes supplied the basic essentials.

What do you say? I know I don't have the words.


Josh Harris said...

It's survival.

BJ Stone said...

I agree with that, Josh. I just wonder what those who wanted to shoot all looters on sight have to say about it. It's a dilemma, on top of the survival aspect.

Josh Harris said...

I think if you had a something that I was going to "steal" to help someone in a crisis and someone were sitting there going to shoot me, I'd tell you to get off your ass and start helping.

My thought is too, that everything is a total loss and well, FEMA didn't/doesn't have a game plan to help these people so you have to take matters in your own hands.

I like your blog by the way.