Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Don't Care Who Ya Are, That's Funny Right There...

From Drink At Work:

Why the House Canceled Hearings on Katrina Response

* Too busy building army of 7000 terra cotta warriors to protect Chief Justice William Rehnquist in the afterlife.

* Believes U.S. House hearing is the responsibility of local officials, not the federal government.

* Congress currently short-staffed because many members are still on tour of duty in Iraq War rallies.

* Only two more months until Election Day and frankly, floaters ain't voters.

* Still upset that the media referred to the displaced as "refugees" rather than "rumors."

* Many congressmen presently protecting their homes, believing that if "looters" will steal bread and milk then surely Titleist golf balls and oil paintings of fox hunts are next.

* According to the House, there's a time to assign blame--and a Republican presidency isn't it.

* Trent Lott's antebellum room isn't going to fix itself.

* Hearing would unfortunately detract from tremendous progress already made in rebuilding case against energy conservation.

* When it comes right down to it, thousands may be dead and millions may be homeless, but it's not like someone got blown.

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