Sunday, September 04, 2005

By The Numbers, from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

1: Number of days after Pat Robertson suggested that the United States assassinate the president of Venezuela that commentators on the Fox News Channel downplayed Robertson's importance, saying that "his day has passed,"he's not a very influential player" and that "there's a danger in giving him too much credibility here."

10: Number of times in the last year that Robertson has appeared on the Fox News Channel.

I love it.

This blogging is a blast.


Scott Cornelius said...

Fox News, best newscast ever.

BJ Stone said...

Ladies and gentlemen of Peoria, please meet Scott, aka "Goat", from one of my online fantasy baseball leagues.

Goat loves George. Can't see ANYTHING that would make him think otherwise.

Goat also is a bit of a bigot, definitely against freedom of choice, and is the most consistent person I've ever met. One out of three ain't too bad. :)