Saturday, December 30, 2006

Imagine Manhattan Floating Out To Sea

This stuff fascinates and worries me at the same time.

Ice Shelf Breaks

Nothing lasts forever, eh? 3,000-4,000 years old. Wow. In other words, this thing has been around since BEFORE the Cubs last won a Series.

A Clarification Is Needed

I've been hearing people call Gerry Ford "our only unelected president". Sorry, this isn't correct. One could make a case that Veeps who took over for assassinated presidents were "elected" because they were part of a ticket...I understand that. But what about 2000? Love him or hate him (and I worry about anyone who still would fall into the "love" category), Bush didn't "win" the election in 2000. He did, however, get SELECTED by the Supreme Court to serve in the Oval Office. There was no winner in 2000, therefore, the person who took over in January 2001 was not "elected". I'd say the same damn thing if Al Gore would have been selected by the Court.

Northern Iowa Is Better Than Bradley...In Almost Every Way

Twenty years ago, I was living in Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa, and reporting on University of Northern Iowa sports. Ten years ago, I moved back to the Midwest after a hiatus in Nevada, and to Peoria, where I heard about Bradley University.

A few months into my new quarters, I noticed the columnists at the local paper in Peoria had a "look down our noses" view of Northern Iowa. The attitude was "how dare this school be in the same conference as esteemed Bradley University." Most of the venom came during basketball season, as Northern Iowa is consistently a Top 10 Division 1-AA football team, but of course this is ignored around Peoria because Bradley...doesn't even have a football program.

I saw commentary from guys I like very, very much, like Phil and Kirk, showing thinly-veiled disdain for the low-life public school known as UNI, based in such a nothing town as Cedar Falls, and wondering how they would dare play basketball with the stuffy private likes of Bradley, Evansville, and Creighton.

So it gives me some pleasure every time Northern Iowa stuffs Bradley in basketball, like they did earlier this week. The two teams have been very even over the years, as a matter of fact they've split the last 16 games. Now, if I was 8-8 in this decade against another school, I'd at least call them my basketball equal, wouldn't you?

Beyond that, it gives me a measure of satisfaction that UNI spent the last 10 years hosting Bradley in a gorgeous place called the UNI-Dome, built for football, but STILL better for basketball than the old Bradley Fieldhouse (but not as basketball-friendly as the Peoria Civic Center). And even though I don't go back, was never a big, big fan of UNI, and really don't follow them that closely, it gives me yet another measure of satisfaction to see that UNI and Cedar Falls have a new basketball-only arena, which Kirk compliments on his blog this week, by that way.

A 7,000 seat on-campus venue that is a perfect size for a mid-major conference that will never again be a top conference, just a "nice" one.

And Northern Iowa has that venue. Bradley doesn't. I think that's awesome. Good for them.

I don't know, as I get ready to publish this, what prompted this rant. Other than the fact that I find it pleasing that the "football school" has a better basketball venue AND a basketball program that is just as good - if not better - than the stuffy elitists at Bradley and those who live for their every game.

EDIT: One more note: In the last five seasons, UNI is 46-34 in MVC play...Bradley is 34-46. So let's just go ahead and say UNI is indeed a better program right now.

New Feature!

Now that football is almost over for the year, (as soon as Ohio State disposes of Florida), it's time to start thinking baseball.

(No, I don't care about the NFL. Football season is over. Period.)

So, a new feature as I make a resolution to blog more...

Each week, I will feature a photo of something that came into the world SINCE the pathetic, hapless, worst pro sports franchise ever - the Chicago Cubs - last won a World Series. We'll start with this youngster:

Man Responsible For 9/11 Hanged!

Oh, wait, wrong guy. Sorry.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Haven't Seen The Likes Of It Since I Was Growing Up In Minnesota

I came outside Friday morning, December 1st, to find this in my driveway:

That black thing under the white stuff is a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. I understand my friends in Peoria are having trouble getting their streets back to normal, almost a week after receiving about 1/2 the snow we got in Kewanee. I'm happy to report my road was plowed about 9am Friday morning, I did get a ride to work, and the entire town was completely cleared out and driveable by Friday night/Saturday morning. Kewanee has about 14,000 residents...larger than Morton, I think.

They did a fabulous job of clearing out up here. Glad I'm out of Peoria for numerous reasons, and this is just another one.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I Plagierize a Good Marketing Campaign

Let me give it a shot:

Fumbling the bin Laden search.

Lying to the country to get us into Iraq.

Ignoring the Geneva Convention.

Creating a Civil War in Iraq.

Sending thousands of young Americans to their death, and leaving tens of thousands more disabled and disfigured for life, all over a bunch of lies and deceptions.

Losing credibility for our country world wide.

Losing the GOP majority in the U.S. House.

Losing the GOP majority in the U.S. Senate.

Squashing freedoms of U.S. Citizens with the "Patroit Act".

Squandering a budget surplus and driving us DEEP into debt.

But giving tax breaks to his rich buddies in the process.

Securing the title "Worst President In United States History"