Friday, September 16, 2005

Facts About Nagin...Just Because

Another letter in the USA Today this morning blasts Ray Nagin (justified), but makes sure to identify him as a Democrat (political partisanship). This is not the first, nor will it be the last, letter that can't wait to include the word "Democrat" and "blame" to take the heat off of the Bushies.

Again, for the 12 millionth time, they are ALL to blame, Democrats and Republicans alike, for the mess in the wake of Katrina.

But let's get the facts out before we start accusing people. Do a little research. The internet makes it easy. For instance, here's what Wikipedia's bio of Nagin starts with:

Before his election, Nagin was a member of the Republican Party and had little political experience; he was a vice president and general manager at Cox Communications, a cable communications company and subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. Nagin did give contributions periodically to candidates, including President George W. Bush and former Republican U.S. Representative Billy Tauzin in 1999 and 2000, as well as to Democratic U.S. Senators John Breaux and J. Bennett Johnston earlier in the decade.

Days before filing for the New Orleans Mayoral race in February 2002, Nagin switched his party registration to the Democratic Party. Shortly before the primary election, an endorsement praising Nagin as a reformer by Gambit Magazine gave him crucial momentum that would carry through for the primary election and runoff. In the first round of the crowded mayoral election in February 2002, Nagin received first place with 29% of the vote, against such opponents as Police Chief Richard Pennington, State Senator Paulette Irons, City Councilman Troy Carter and others. In the runoff with Pennington in May 2002, Nagin won with 59% of the vote. His campaign was largely self-financed.

Shortly after taking office, Nagin launched an anti-corruption campaign within city government, which included crackdowns on the city's Taxicab Bureau and Utilities Department. Nagin also made a controversial endorsement of current Republican U.S. Representative Bobby Jindal in the 2003 Louisiana Gubernatorial Runoff over current Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco, and only reluctantly endorsed U.S. Senator John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential race.


Anonymous said...

Beacause, you know, Wikipedia is always right...

BJ Stone said...

Take the time to type in


in any search engine you want. He doesn't deny it, why should you?