Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ha Ha! I jinxed him!

I've been listening to tonight's Nextel Cup race off and on all night (on 104.9, WXCL thankyaverymuch). With 40 laps left, I just decided to focus my thoughts on screwing up Jeff Gordon's night, and getting him out of the Chase For The Cup.

Since that thought, he has fallen from 9th to 20-something and fading. It worked!

Of course, his own decision not to make a pit stop for tires when everybody behind him did had something to do with, but I'm still taking some of the credit.

Here's how I root: Go Tony Stewart! Go everybody else but Jeff Gordon! Go weather! Go retired drivers! Go everything else on the planet! Go Jeff Gordon.

See? I do root for him somewhere in there.


Anonymous said...

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Bill Dennis said...

Jeff Gordon is gay. He's sooooooo gay.

Bill Dennis said...

BJ: You have a comment spam problem. Go into your settings > commenting and turn on "word verification." It will help stop the comment spam before it gets too late.

BJ Stone said...

Thanks. I fixed it. Well, looks like you get less than an hour of airtime tonight. Looonnnggg race.

Bill Dennis said...

That happens. I got in a long commentary about Katrina.