Monday, September 19, 2005

To Steal A Word From Dennis: Arrgh.

This story ran on the front page of the PJStar Monday.


What is the PJStar's obsession with running religious-based stories on the front page? Isn't there a section on Sundays for this crap?

BTW, who else thinks these people are not only doing things "differently", but they're also a little touched in the head?


Josh Harris said...

They're out there to say the least.

Bill Dennis said...

It's their newspaper and they can put their articles wherever they want.

However, I'm mor concerned about Peoria's flirtation with Bible-thumping groups.

They just allowed one of Council member Gary Sandberg's one-time opponents to pray over his empty council chair while a reporter was present to record the event.

BJ Stone said...

You're right Bill, I just don't have to buy it/read it.

But one is allowed to criticize in hopes they'll see it and think about whether they're properly serving the readers, right?

BJ Stone said...

And I agree with your concerns on the City issues with the bible, too.

There's a place for the bible. There's a place for government. N'er the twain should meet, eh?

pollypeoria said...

Someone outta be praying over Gary's chair. Perhaps you didn't realize. He is a %$#@ YANKEES fan. Clearly, he is possessed by evil.