Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm Giddy With Anticipation

The new WNBA (Women's NBA) franchise in Chicago is having a press conference today to announce their new name and logo. The team's president, Margaret Stender, says they are presenting a name that "truly represents the City of Chicago".

That got the gears turning in my huge noggin. Let's see, we all know White Sox, Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks. There's also been Fire, Wind, Steamers and countless others. But there's got to be better ones. So...

Here are my Top 10 Chicago sports nicknames that would "truly represent the City of Chicago":

10. Chicago Gridlock

9. Chicago Corrupt Cops

8. Chicago Detours

7. Chicago Overrateds

6. Chicago Wait Till Next Years

5. Chicago Multivoters

4. Chicago Deadvoters

3. Chicago Tollbooths

2. Chicago Drunks

and my #1 name for a Chicago sports team trying to capture the essense of the city...

1. Chicago Better Wait A Helluva Long Time Before You Ever Win Anythings. (or, if you prefer a shorter name, go with "Losers" here)

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