Monday, September 12, 2005

Other Alternatives For Georgia To Consider

There are already too many obstacles that are thrown at people when it comes time to vote. I mean, if they really want to control how the vote totals come out, they can do several things:

1) roadblocks to check "insurance" on Election Days (credit to Florida for the idea)

2) remove anyone from the voting rolls who has the same last name as a felon (credit to Florida)

3) direct mail people and tell them if they show up to vote, they could be arrested, because their might be a warrant for their arrest pending. (Florida again)

4) direct mail people urging them to get out and vote, and then purposely having the wrong day to vote (a later date, of course) listed on the form. (Wow, Florida wins again)

5) have two voting machines for thousands of people in one poor urban precinct, but have dozens of machines for only hundreds of voters in rich, suburban and rural predominantly white collar districts (credit to Ohio)

6) get machines from Diebold, the ones who say they can't make an electronic voting machine with a paper trail receipt (credit to Ohio, mostly)

BTW, wouldn't you be pissed if you went to a Diebold ATM, got money, and no receipt? Of course you would. So to alleviate that potential problem, Diebold gives you a receipt. Amazing how they have the technology to do that.

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Josh Harris said...

This is bs also. Another this country is going downhill.