Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mayor Did What He Could, Still Doing What He Can

Ray Nagin has taken a lot of heat this past week. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Before Hurricane Katrina, he ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city. Tens...hundreds...of thousands heeded his order. Tens of thousands didn't. Many of them couldn't get out, that is true, but many who could have gotten out refused to leave.

And many survivors still sequestered in their homes still refuse to leave. Now Nagin says he may have to order force to remove them. The water floating around the city is full of disease. The mosquitos are biting dead bodies and spreading further disease. The oily, gassy, scummy water could meet up with a raging fire and cause a huge explosion at any time.

Yet I see the faces of idiots - yes, idiots - on CNN and MSNBC and FoxNews - people who have the necessary vehicles and ability to leave - yelling and swearing at photographers and rescuers and soldiers to leave them alone because they're staying put.

You cannot blame Ray Nagin for these morons. You can't blame the parishes, the state, FEMA, the administration, anybody. These people apparently aren't smart enough to leave. So I support force in getting them out. Sadly, soldiers, police officers, and innocent civilians will probably die if it comes to this, because one redneck was quoted today as saying, "we've all got guns, and we know how to use 'em."


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