Saturday, June 10, 2006

Made-up Words

One thing that the political right has lambasted the left on for many years is "politically correct speaking". And in many cases, they are dead on the money.

But the left doesn't have a stranglehold on "politically correct" anymore.

The Bush Administration constant comes up with new ways to try to soften a bad situation, or deflect from what is really going on, and they never get called on it. I'm so sick of the "mainstream liberal media" b.s. that it makes me want to puke. This administration, which is widely accepted now for what it is...a complete joke, still doesn't get called on the carpet for it's use of the language.

Some of my favorite Roveisms:

Contractors: Um, dudes, let's just say it like we used to...these people are mercenary soldiers.

Insurgents: When "guerrilla fighter" or "rebel" just won't do.

Sectarian violence: In 1861, this was known as a "Civil War". But when you're repeatedly telling the world that there is no "civil war" in Iraq, it's just easier to say this and hope nobody figures it out.

Guest worker: I dunno, something just seems smarmy about this one. It may not necessarily be wrong, it just seems so..."softened".

Create Personal Accounts For Workers: How nice of you! Thank you for creating an account for me. That sounds so generous!

"Faith-based initiative": As long as that faith is the same one as George's, right?

Clear Skies Initiative: One of the BIGGEST lies this administration has tried to pass off. A bigger misnomer than "Utah Jazz".

Healthy Forests: Um, yeah, the best way to help forests is to cut them down, right?

Activist Judges: Defined as anyone who thinks differently than the Bush Administration on ANY issue, regardless of importance.

Pre-packaged News Segments: This would be "propoganda". But that sounds so...Japanese World War Two-ish, doesn't it?

Constitutional Option: Seriously, I'm not kidding here, when "nuclear option" met with 2 to 1 disapproval, Lott and Frist helped them come up with this wacky wording.

Special interests: The Bush administration, with the help of mouthpieces like Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Rielly, and Coulter, have turned this into a dirty word to describe one thing: unions. Doesn't matter what union it is, it's bad. Bad. Bad like Dana Carvey doing Bush I bad.

Can you think of any more?


Vonster said...

What would you do without Kos, DU and MoveOn??

BJ Stone said...

That's funny...YOU telling a lefty about towing the party line.

But be that as it may, I hate to disappoint you, Von, but I came up with my own list just from watching CSPAN a lot over the last few years. I've been to MoveOn a few times, and I know who the Daily Koz is but I haven't spent much time there...but what is "DU"?

Tip of the day: FoxNews isn't the only channel on your TV.

ollie said...

"Stay the Course" means
"Haliburton is still making money".

"support the troops" means "I ain't enlisting"


BJ Stone said...

Well done, Ollie, well done!