Sunday, May 21, 2006

Michael Barrett Is A Punk

Nice sucker punch, Barrett. Even Dusty Baker said Pierzynski's play was simply baseball the way it was meant to be played.

Here's the difference in the two franchises in Chicago right now: One of them gets guys who want and know how to win, the other tries to make a profit. You people who continue to root for these guys and spend money on jerseys and hats and buy tickets to that pathetic, rickety old dump on the North Side have to STOP doing that if you want that team to win. Demand excellence. Demand a winner. Or shut up when you get your butts kicked by the teams that want to win.

For all of those Pierzynski haters out and out of the game of baseball...I'd like to point out that that kid has never played on a losing team, and only missed the playoffs twice...since becoming a full-time big leaguer. He was Minnesota's catcher in 2001, taking a team that had finished last the year before (69-93) to an 85-77 season, finishing second in the AL Central. Only three regulars changed from 2000 to 2001, BTW: Pierzynski for Matt LeCroy behind the plate, Doug Meintkeiwicz for Ron Coomer at first base, and Luis Rivas took over for Todd Walker at second base. Please note that while A.J. is now with the White Sox, both Ron Coomer and Walker became Cubs, and LeCroy has just this year helped the Washington Nationals go from contender to doormat. Good teams find the right players...bad teams (i.e. the Cubs in most cases) take what's left.

In 2002 and 2003, the Twins won the Central with Pierzynski behind the plate. In 2004, he went to San Francisco and that team missed the playoffs by one game. Then in 2005, it was off to Chicago, where as we all know he was a key player in the Sox winning the whole ball of wax. They'll do it again this year, and you can bet Pierzynski will be making big plays all the way.

The Cubs catcher? He should spend a couple of nights in jail for assault.


Anonymous said...

i have no problem with AJ bowling over Barrett, it was after the initial hit that AJ showed why he is a thug. he claimed he was going to get his helmet...BS go to your dugout asshole..which by the way, was in the opposite direction of his precious helmet. and he lowered his shoulder into MB...he got what he deserved. I can only hope that serves to fire up the Cubs. If the cubs had 7 other position players with the mentality of Michael Barrett, they'd be better off. he doesn't take shit from stupid punks like AJ.

Name me a better Catcher in the NL than MB......not Piazza, maybe LoDuca, certainly not that embarrasment in St. Louis.

ok i'm done.

Anonymous said...

He could have slid into home. I don't care what Dusty Baker said about "That's the way baseball was meant to be played". There is absolutely no reason to knock a catcher on his ass like that, and possibly cause him great physical harm. That kinda of play should not be allowed. If I were commissioner I'd suspend him for 30 days for intentionally attempting physical harm on an opposing player. That kind of stuff may be OK in football, or even hockey...but, it should not be allowed in baseball. Barrett had every right to hit the bastard.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I can only agree. It really wasn't even the bowling over, it was the lame-ass plate-slapping and trying to cross Barrett that made Pierzynski deserve it. It's so great to see a little bitch like Pierzynski finally get his comeuppance, and from a thug like Barrett no less. I'm glad it was a Cub who won the "Finally punch the daylights out of AJ Pierzynski" sweepstakes. Oh and US Cellular Field is an absolute joke.

BJ Stone said...

Anybody read Mike Nadel yesterday? The self-professed Cub fan said the same thing I did.

Take off the blue-hued glasses...Barrett is a thug.

PeoriaIllinoisan said...

I'm AM wearing blue-hued glasses, I freely admit that. Right or wrong, I'm not upset at all by what MB did. He was at his boiling point and AJ pushed him over the edge. I can't blame him. He should and will be suspended.

As far as the beautiful old dump up north goes, I used to think that by going, I was encouraging mediocrity. I've changed my mind. It's only been relatively recently that they have been selling out every game and raising prices. They couldn't give away tickets in the 70's and 80's, but that didn't make a better team. Atlanta wins the division every year, but they never sell out the stadium.

The cubs are #3 (I think) in total salaries paid, so I also don't buy into the argument that the Tribune Corp needs to open their wallet to produce a winner. They already have opened the wallet, and it hasn't helped.

Truth be told, I bleed blue, and it really sucks.

BJ Stone said...

AJ = Pest

MB + Thug who can't handle pests.

If AJ was a Cub, he'd be the greatest thing since sliced bread to you people.

Oh, and

AJ = World Series Champ, consistent postseason participant

MB = Cub.

'nuff said.