Saturday, January 14, 2006


Sorry, didn't know I'd shut off comments from non-bloggers, I'm very sorry. Josh, thanks for bringing it to Bill's attention, who brought it to mine.

I was trying to figure out a way to stop the anonymous comments that bug me...guess there's not a way. For those who use their internet "handle" or their real names: thank you.

For those who post anonymously, please try not to do that. I realize sometimes it's a mistake, and sometimes even a necessity, but in most cases from my experience it's mostly in "chicken".


Josh Harris said...

Thanks, BJ. Because of your site I tried to get a blogger id but didn't want/nor have time for my own blog site. Keep up the good work.

Rob said...

See you after the Bears lay the smack down on Carolina. Then it's off to Seattle, then on to Detroit. Care for a slice of humble pie?

BJ Stone said...

Nah, but how do you like yours?