Sunday, December 25, 2005

That being said...

...I will add some stuff here quickly.

Rob: You shoulda bet me. Who would've thought that the team with the worst offense I've ever seen from a so-called "professional" football team would be on the verge of clinching a playoff berth? I still refuse to congratulate Bear fans, because a) your team will get beaten handily long before the Super Bowl; b) many of you still can't see the forest for the trees, the truth being your team is quite possibly the worst 10-game winning team in NFL history that has benefitted from a weak division, a weak schedule, and the usual ungodly "luck" that comes with being a major market NFL team; and c) you would never congratulate the fans of another team.

Nothing would please me more - from a football standpoint - than Favre and the Pack upsetting Team Overrated today. :)

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Rob said...

Maybe you missed the offense that played against Atlanta, and then Green Bay.

If by "worst 10 game winning streak", and "lucky", you mean winning with the #1 defense in the NFL, then, yeah, you're right. Not to mention the fact that Favre will be in the record books for most interceptions thrown in a career.

You didn't really think the lowly Packers would even have a chance did you? You sad little man. Can we say Division Champs, and first round bye? Chicago v New England, 20 years later; with the same result. Can you dig it?