Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meanwhile, beyond the Knoxville lights...

Yes, the red/green lights on Knoxville are still messed up. By design? I'm sure. Someone thinking it's a good idea to have pre-6am commuters stop four times when there's no reason to on their way down Knoxville is supposed to be "safer". When in fact, all it does is bunch traffic that otherwise wouldn't be bunched.

But beyond that, once one crosses I74 on the new ramp and heads into downtown Peoria, credit to the designers is due. The new exits and entrances to the interstate, as well as the new 4-lane wide "frontage" roads on either side of the interstate are simply excellent. Heading back downtown yesterday during rush hour and seeing traffic flowing so smoothly, and all those lanes handling all those cars so easily, it's quite clear that the new design is a huge improvement for Peoria. Same goes for the actual interstate itself. We all cringed at the thought of the I74 bridge being closed for so long, and the highway getting torn up on both sides of the river.

But wow, has it been well done. Are there any complaints about the new highway on either side? Only one I've heard is the little kink in East Peoria heading South under the interstate. That's a little confusing first time you head through there...but it's my guess that there is still more work to be done there. Otherwise, the new flyover ramp on the East Peoria side, the new frontage roads on the Peoria side, the new exits by Northwoods Mall onto Sterling...all are awesome.

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